Existing Covenants

The above-described property is subject to the following protective covenants which shall be deemed covenants running with the land and binding upon the grantees and their successors in interest.

The purpose of these covenants is to insure the use of the property for attractive residential purposes, to prevent nuisances, to prevent the impairment of the attractiveness of the property, to maintain the natural environment and protect the ecology of the area, and thereby secure to each lot owner the full benefit and enjoyment of his respective lot.

The protective covenants are as follows:

  1. All lands covered by this deed shall be used for residential purposes only, and no commercial activity shall be conducted or permitted thereon.
  2. No structure shall be erected, placed, or permitted to remain on any lot, other than single family dwellings, garage buildings, and other structures incidental to single family residential use of the lot.
  3. No building may be built with tar paper or asphalt material exterior or have visible exterior covering of cement, cinder block or unpainted metal. All buildings shall have exterior colors and finish that shall conform with and be in harmony with the natural surroundings.
  4. No outside toilets will be permitted, except during the construction of a permanent dwelling house. Any outside toilet used will be placed so as to be fully screened from all public roadways and shall be removed, torn down and made sanitary at the end of the construction.
  5. Mobile homes, or trailer houses, may be located upon a lot for a period not to exceed one year, provided that no such mobile home or trailer shall be parked or located thereon unless the owner is at the same time undertaking the construction of a permanent dwelling house.
  6. At such time as a permanent dwelling house is built upon the lot, each owner shall be required to construct underground sanitation facilities in conformity with the laws of the State of Wyoming, and the same shall be placed upon each lot so as not to create any unsafe conditions, or create any nuisance to owners of adjoining lots.
  7. No lot shall be subdivided.
  8. Any fencing in the Narrows Vista Subdivision shall be of buck and pole construction made of rough native timber.
  9. No owner of any lot shall cut down or destroy, or permit the cutting down or destruction of any growing trees on his lot which are more that three inches in diameter when measured one foot above ground level; excepting that such trees may be removed if their location interferes with placement of permitted improvements on the lot. Dead or diseased trees of any size may be removed.
  10. No owner shall allow debris, trash, rubbish, or any material of unsightly appearance to remain upon his lot. All debris, garbage, trash, and rubbish shall be hauled from the premises. No outside burning of debris, garbage, trash, or rubbish is allowed.
  11. Notwithstanding any laws of the United States of America or of the State of Wyoming, no owner of any lot, members of his family, or guests, shall at any time attempt the killing or capturing of any wild animals or wild birds upon any land in Narrows Vista.
  12. There shall not exist on any lot at any time more than one single family dwelling.
  13. No building or any part thereof, including garages and process, shall be erected on any lot closer than 50 feet to any edge of said lot.
  14. The elevation of a lot or any portion thereof, shall not be changed so as to materially affect the surface elevations or grade of surrounding lots. No timber, rock, gravel, clay, or other material shall be removed from any lot.
  15. No cattle, swine, goats, poultry, or fowl shall be kept or permitted on any lot.
  16. There are hereby reserved to lot owners and their guests, for the purposes of access to the Salt River and for other purposes, the right to cross any lot by foot to reach said destination. Persons exercising this right shall respect the privacy of all other lot owners.
  17. No additional roads may be constructed except for access to a permanent structure. All roads constructed on any lot shall be constructed so far as practical to confirm to the topography of the lot.
  18. All electricity and telephone utilities shall be placed underground. No overhead lines are permitted.

Said Protective Covenants, conditions, restrictions, and reservations shall be perpetual and shall apply to and be forever binding upon the grantees hereof, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, and are imposed upon the realty described herein as an obligation and charge against the same for the benefit of the grantor herein and the owners of each adjoining lot, their successors and assigns, and as a general plan for the benefit of said lot and all lots in Narrows Vista.

If the owner of any lot in Narrows Vista, or their heirs, or assigns shall violate any of the covenants or conditions hereinabove set forth, it shall be lawful for the grantor or any other person owning a lot in Narrows Vista to prosecute any proceedings at law or in equity against the person or persons violating any of the covenants or conditions, and to prevent him from doing so, or to recover damages, including costs and reasonable attorney fees, for such violation, or both.

In validation of any of these covenants by judgment or court order shall in no wise affect any of the other provisions, which shall remain in full force and effect.