Annual Meeting Minutes

2008 Meeting Minutes

Narrows Vista Homeowner’s Association Annual Meeting Minutes
Saturday, August 16, 2008, 10:00 a.m.
Mark and Sylvia Lopez Residence

Meeting called to order at 10:10 a.m. by Association President, Mark Lopez.
Attendees: Gordon Allcott, Kevin Allcott, Buck Sasaki, Esther Sasaki, Virginia Pallas-Jacobs, Jan Jacobs, Loma Cordingly, Mark Lopez, Sylvia Lopez, Steve Cook, Vera Cook and Roger Jacobson.

Mark relayed to the homeowners that weed abatement has been paid for on a yearly basis, and if weeds need to be taken care of, we should call Mavy Pest Control to take care of them.

1. Financial Report and
2. Pending Payments
The Association has two bank accounts: Capital Improvement and the Regular Account. The Capital account has approximately $4,000 and the Regular account $10,000 at the beginning of the meeting. In the past three years, the Regular account as grown on the average of $2,000 per year. With repairs to the community pump being made and paid for by individual homeowners, checks were written by Mark Lopez to pay for the repairs: $1279.18 to Jan Jacobs for the new pump and Steve Cook for $329 for expenses leading up to the pump’s replacement. At the time of the meeting, the leak repair to the supply lines was still in progress, with an anticipated cost of $1,000, to be paid to Joel Merritt for backhoe work and pipe repair. Anticipated bank balance after these expenses will be around $7,000.

All current homeowners are paid up on dues, but there are some old accounts receivable. Mark is working the issue.

3. Well Service
Mark Lopez will look into warranty issues on the non-functioning pump that was removed from the well. The old pump was installed last November.

The new pump still may require controller (Motor Minder) adjustment. If work by Steve Cook and Jan Jacobs is not successful, professional help will be brought in.

Long term plans on the community water distribution system were discussed. Most agreed that the current round of repairs are just a band-aid and that eventually a more reliable water source and distribution system needs to be installed. A committee of Roger Jacobson, Kevin Allcott, Jan Jacobs and Virginia Pallas-Jacobs was appointed to explore the problem and make recommendations to the association.

A homeowner’s yearly fee increase, plus a one-time assessment for improvements was discussed, but no decision made. The final decision will be based on the well committee’s recommendations.

Changes to the association’s rules and covenants were discussed. It was decided to have Mike Cochran continue his efforts in getting them updated. Proposed amendments were passed out to those present and comments should be directed to Mike for inclusion.

4. New Administrators
A new president was elected: Roger Jacobson, plus vice presidents to assist the president: Virginia Pallas-Jacobs and Jan Jacobs. The new people assume office on January 1, 2009.

5. Other Matters
Repairs to the Narrows Vista road was discussed. Loma Cordingly will coordinate getting a road grader from Pineville and Kurt Cordingly will operate it to make the needed road repairs. This will take place in September or October of this year.

Steve Cooke also brought up that the pump house valves need to be repaired before the weather turns cold. Steve Lopez took the repairs for action.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:00 Noon.

2009 Meeting Minutes

Narrows Vista Property Owners Association Summer Meeting June 27, 2009

Dear NVPOA associates:
We are planning on having an association meeting on 27 June 2009 at 9a.m. The main topic of discussion will be whether or not we want to pursue drilling a new well. Steve cook has done some research and had Brent from Independent Drilling (Soda Springs Idaho) come and do some water witching and give us an estimate to drill a new well. He estimated $21,500.00 to drill and hook us up to our existing reservoirs. Based on his testing, he thought the best place to drill would be in the existing picnic area. He said trying to drill deeper into our existing well would be a waste of money. If you cannot come to the meeting, please let me know your feelings on drilling a new well. Based on the number of users we now have, the cost would run $3500.00-$4000.00 per property owner. The water has been good so far this year, but we have not had any heavy usage. I think it is just a matter of time before we will need a new well. Also if there is anything else you want discussed, please let me know. I think we will plan on meeting on my deck. I am looking forward to seeing or hearing from all of you.
Roger Jacobsen

2012 Meeting Minutes

2010: Income from dues: $2100.00

Expenses:Diamond Electric: New Breaker/pump house $91.11
New Pump for pressure system: $1027>00
Lower Valley Energy: $221.51
Association Liability Insurance:$752.00
2011 Income: $2000.00

Expenses: Vandenberg Excaavation: Road repair and grade: $1263.61
Lower Valley Energy:$252.82
Association Liability Insurance: $754.00

Association Dues are now past due:
Homeowners: $300.00
Homeowners no longer attached to community well:$200.00
Property Owners: $100.00

Balance Capital improvement Fund: $4000.00
Balance Expense and operating Fund: $4114.24

Hope all of you survived the winter well and hope to see you arround Narrows Vista this summer.
Please pass on or forward this info to any you know whose e-mail address has changed or please notify me.

Roger Jacobsen

2013 Meeting Minutes

  • Hello to you all. At the Narrows Vista Homeowner’s Association meeting held in August, 2013, the following was discussed and agreed upon:• Road maintenance> Kurt Cordingly will look into purchasing a float drag for maintaining the road ourselves. Also, he agreed to look into having a contract with a road grading Construction Company. Steve Cook, was asked to contact the company he has had service from in the past, and supply this information to Kurt. (By the way, it would cost the association around $1,000 for the float).
    • Weed Control> I (Roger) agreed to purchase a backpack sprayer for all members to use. Steve Cook and I have agreed to look into pricing one. Would like to purchase one by next spring so everyone can use it before the weeds are in full force.
    • Clean-up and work day> this will occur the same day as the summer, yearly meeting. However, it is appreciated when members maintain their property and subdivision throughout the year. Thanks, to Steve Cook, Mark Lopez, Steve Lancaster, and Kurt Cordingly for the extra work they contribute.
    • Association Shed> Possible Tuff Shed for the Association at the well sight. This would house the sprayer backpack, tools donated by associates for road and weed maintenance and possibly the float for the road if one is procured.• Open up Cul-de-sac’s> on the original property survey draft there are two cul-de-sacs’. It was decided to complete the necessary road work to accomplish this. Kurt Cordingly offered his service since he has the equipment for this type of project. The first one has been completed. This has made it safer and allows car’s to turn around in the road. We thank Kurt for his work and time doing this.• Road Signs> Where and what type of signs can we display in the subdivision? We have contacted the county for direction. Since our road is recorded as a public access road, (reduces our liability) no private road signs can be posted. We can post signs saying that it is a private residence.• Yearly Fee increase> Those who have a home and using the community well, the fees were $300, now are raised to $325…..Those who own a home and have their own well, the fees were $200, now are raised to $225…..Those who own property only, the fees were $100, now are raised to $125. These increases will be effective starting the year of 2014. Also, if you have not paid this year’s association fees, they are past due.

    • If you have your own well and disconnect from the community well, there needs to be proof of disconnection for documentation.

    • It has been suggested that we do a water sample on the well. Steve Cook offered to get the kit from the county.

    • It was addressed that there be a $500 hook-up fee for the water, but it does not state that in the covenants.

    • Also, agreed upon is that we post individual fire house #’s at the bottom of the hill, this will benefit us when emergency vehicles are needed.

    • There are now more of us up here full time and spending more time recreating. Please, if any member sees a service or improvement that they feel is needed in the subdivision, before having/doing by self, the authorization needs to go to the president before any work can be done.

    • It’s each member’s responsibility to keep their property and subdivision clean and beautiful. We all appreciate the effort that has been done. Please, continue to assess and maintain your own property.

    Thank you all, (Please pass these minutes on to anyone I have missed)
    Roger Jacobsen

2015 Meeting Minutes

The Narrows Vista 2015 homeowners/property owners meeting was held at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, September 5, 2015.
Present were owners or representatives of four of the 12 properties in the Narrows Vista Subdivision — Lots 1, 7, 9 and 13.
There was no old business.
There is currently $11,054.30 in the Association’s treasury. Of that, $4,000 is earmarked for captial improvements and $3,000 in the general fund is being held to pay for the road repair (invoice yet to be received).
The recent work to the road was discussed. Errosion damage from the above-average rainfall in May was repaired and some new gravel applied to problem areas. The road was given its yearly grade and roll. Cost of the 2015 repairs was $3,000. An invioce has yet to be received, but will be paid upon receipt.
The community water well has been trouble-free this year, so no action was deemed necessary in this meeting.
Two of the newer onwers (Lots 1 and 7) made referene to the fact that there was no existing joint-use well agrement on file, which caused them problems obtaining financing when they purchased their property. The association president will take this for action to get one in place.
Association dues will remain the same for the 2016 assessment next March — $300 for those on the community well and $200 for those on their own wells (Lots 8, 9 and 10).
The meeting was adjourned at 10:30.

Jan Jacobs, Narrows Vista Property Owners Association administrator