About Us

Narrows Vista is a residential subdivision in the “Narrows” section of Star Valley, Wyoming.

The e-mail address for the association is: admin@narrowsvista.com

The subdivision is located in Star Valley, Wyoming, which is on the border of Wyoming and Idaho about 60 miles southwest of Jackson Hole.

It is about 5 miles south of Thayne and 10 miles north of Afton. To get here, drive on US Hwy 89 and then turn east on Lincoln County Road 128, which is in “The Narrows” section of Star Valley. Once on County Rd 128, take the first available left turn (north) about 1/2 mile east of Hwy 89. This is Cutthroat Dr. At the top of the first hill are two houses, one on each side of the road, and this is where the subdivision starts. There are 12 private lots to Narrows Vista with a 13th that houses the community water well. Of the 12 private lots, eight have houses on them and four are unimproved. There are 4 houses that border on Cutthroat Dr. At the top of the next hill, the road makes a left 90° turn and becomes Rainbow Circle (most maps have the street name wrong, calling it a drive or something else). There are four houses that border on Rainbow Circle, and the road dead-ends in about 1/4 mile.

June 17, 2016

Letter to Narrows Vista property owners:

This year’s assessment is late, and I apologize for the inconvenience. I took over the job in mid-2015 when Roger sold his home on the hill. Since then, there have been two major expenditures on the road and well. Last May’s rains and heavy runoff caused severe rutting in several places on the access road. Instead of the usual $800 grade and roll on the road, I elected to spend $3,000 to have gravel hauled in and several of the worse places fixed. A complete overhaul of the road was estimated to cost between $20,000 to $35,000. I opted to fix what was necessary for a cost I though we could afford.

In December, the distribution pump on the well broke and a new one was installed for a cost of $3,000. In mid-winter, a controlling switch went out, which cost us another $300. It has not been a good year for expenditures.

As in years past, the fees are $300 for those in houses on the community well, $200 for those with houses not on the well, and $100 for unimproved property owners. This is due now and is to be sent to the Bedford address (PO Box 4384 … Zip 83112).

One more thing. After 10 years of living most of the year on the hill, Virginia and I have decided to move to central Washington to be closer to family in Seattle (and our new grandson). We should be moving in mid-July. The Bedford Post Office box will remain as the Association’s mailing address. A new Association president will have to be elected at the next annual meeting of the members. As of now, Manny  has check-writing authority for the Wells Fargo account.